While Sunshine Metal Clad's products and processes used for insulating food processing industry hot pipes are derived from technology used for oilfield steam systems; cold pipes require different insulation material and installation techniques.

If conventional industrial insulation is used on pipes or tanks containing substances at below freezing temperatures, moisture freezes on their exteriors, beneath the insulation. As that ice thickens, it destroys the insulation. To prevent icing, pipes and tanks containing substances below freezing must have insulation which is airtight.

To make cold pipe insulation airtight, Sunshine Metal Clad uses a combination of foam insulation, mylar-backed paper, sealers and PVC cladding. All these unique materials are installed by workers specially-trained in cold insulation procedure.

In addition to cold insulation expertise, other advantages in contracting with Sunshine Metal Clad for insulation of food processing pipes and equipment are: the three decades of experience, a comprehensive safety program, installation/service crews on-call 24/7, an average three-hour response time, rapid completion of projects and competitive pricing