Sunshine Metal Clad applies technology used for oilfield steam systems to geothermal power plants. While some change was necessary to accommodate the larger steam pipe diameters and the requirement that exteriors of geothermal pipes, most of which are in wilderness areas, blend into the surrounding countryside; SMCs experienced work crews had little problem adapting proven oilfield insulation materials and installation processes to the geothermal energy industry.


The same increased efficiency and cost savings realized by the oil production and food processing industries after they insulated their fluid and gas transfer systems are now available to geothermal energy producers. Plant operators which select SMC as their insulation suppler, enjoy a number of benefits such as: competitive pricing, comprehensive safety program, quick response times, crews available 24/7 and rapid completion of projects.

At Sunshine Metal Clad we know that our hard work will pay off in what our customers want: more efficient geothermal power production, increased environmental friendliness and lower operating costs.