When Sunshine Metal Clad opened its doors in 1977, its fresh approach to the insulation of oil field steam systems drove evolution of both the materials used and their installation processes. In the last 30 years, these advances have greatly enhanced the efficiency of tertiary recovery, reduced its operating cost and decreased its impact on the environment, all benefits on which oil companies place high value.

Sunshine Metal Clad is typical of the industrial insulation contractors in that it uses molded glass-reinforced fiber and mineral-wool insulation on oilfiield steam injection systems. SMC also employs metal cladding to improve insulation's effectiveness and lengthen its service life.  

Sunshine Metal Clad was one of the first in the industry to apply fabrication techniques long used in the sheet metal trade, such as: metal cladding attached with either sheet metal screws or aluminum banding, mitered metal cones at the ends of sections of insulation and "orange peel" cladding for tanks.

Other SMC advantages are: the three decades of experience, a comprehensive safety program, installation/service crews on-call 24/7, an average three-hour response time, rapid completion of projects and competitive pricing.