Sunshine Metal Clad Inc., one of the leading industrial insulation contractors in the Western U.S., is headquartered in Bakersfield, California. "SMC" has thrived in Bakersfield, the administrative center for Kern County, because of the proximity of two industries: crude oil production and food processing, both of which are consumers of Sunshine Metal Clad's products and services.

Three of the five largest oil fields in the United Sates and one tenth of the country's total oil production are located in Kern County and much of the oil produced there comes from steam-injected wells. Kern County is at the southern end of California's San Joaquin Valley. Known as the "World's Fruit Basket," due to its extensive agriculture, expectedly, many food processing plants are located in the Valley, too.

Significant cost savings come with insulating the oil industry's steam distribution networks and the food processing industry's refrigerant systems and liquid transfer pipes. It's understandable, given the level of oil production and food processing in the area, that in 30 years of doing business, Sunshine Metal Clad's tradition of technical innovation and customer-driven service has made us one of the region's key suppliers of insulation to those two industries.

A significant part of California's geothermal energy production is located in greater Central California surrounding Kern County. With similar insulation needs to that of the oil industry, it's no surprise that our products and services would be in demand by geothermal power plants, making that industry the third part of SMC's business.

At Sunshine Metal Clad, we know that hard work pays-off in what our customers want. In fact, hard work and pleasing customers is so much a part of how we do business at SMC that we say, simply, "HWP-WCW". Every one of our 60 team members is devoted to HWP-WCW and the quality that it instills in our products and services. At SMC, we know there is absolutely no substitution for great quality and excellent service. 

Sunshine Metal Clad is unique in the industrial insulation field in that we purchase such large quantities of materials that we can pass significant savings onto our customers. SMC inventories approximately 50, fifty-three-foot trailer loads of insulation products of several different types and ranging in pipe sizes from 1/2" to 24." This large inventory, stored on our 10-acre facility in Bakersfield, shortens response time and, also, reduces the time required to complete insulation projects. This combination cuts overall time between initial contact and project completion by as much as 50%.

In addition to warehousing a huge stock of material, we also manufacture specific insulation products we've developed and we process large quantities of sheet metal flat stock into the curved sections of metal cladding we use. Many other insulation contractors lack the sheet metal working equipment or manufacturing abilities to do that. SMC's unique manufacturing abilities further lower our costs and, as always, we pass that on to our customers.

The Sunshine Metal Clad Team is proud of our 30-year tradition of quality and value in industrial insulation development, manufacturing, supply and installation. We're working relentlessly to sustain that tradition for the next 30 years.